The “Nasty Branch” (aka Town Branch) needed our help. It still does. It takes a lot of trash to make something “nasty”, but this little stream is worthy of maintenance.
Justin Young of RiverLink organized volunteers from Connect Buncombe: Terry Scholl, Stockton Hill, Mark Cobb, Allison Glackin, Bill Miller, Bill Werme, to start the process. Justin brought trash grabbers, trash bags, sharps containers, and some extra gloves in case someone forgot theirs.
We were told to be prepared with the following: clothes and shoes that can get wet and/or dirty, a pair of work gloves, and water to re-hydrate afterwards. Each of us pulled several bags of trash out of the water and steep banks totaling 300 pounds.
It was a good day for picking trash.
The Nasty Branch is easily accessible and runs through a nice neighborhood and recreational area. By summer’s end we should plan to go back for another pass to keep it clean.



RiverLink’s Justin Young with Terry Scholl and Mark Cobb


Connect Buncombe’s Allison Glackin with Justin and Terry compare trash


Allison dives right in with her “wellies” on

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