About Us

Supporting the Growth of Buncombe Greenways

Connect Buncombe is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization supporting the growth of greenways in Buncombe County. Through advocacy, awareness campaigns, volunteer events, strategic partnerships, and direct funding, Connect Buncombe works to ensure Buncombe County meets its greenway-related goals as outlined in the county’s Comprehensive Plan.   

We Believe

  • Greenways promote outdoor recreation for families & individuals at all ability levels, all economic levels & all age levels
  • Greenways promote healthy lifestyles & help reduce obesity through exercise
  • Greenways are places to explore and connect with nature leading to increased environmental awareness and they provide natural buffer zones that protect creeks and rivers
  • Greenways are accessible to everyone in the community and facilitate social interaction
  • Greenways provide alternative transportation infrastructure
  • Existing greenways encourage economic development for businesses looking for an area with excellent quality of life

We Work By

  • Educating about the benefits of greenways
  • Advocating for greenways with elected officials, DOT officials and other non-profits
  • Raising money for planning and/or construction projects, which are included in the Master Plan

Connect Buncombe Key Accomplishments & Funded Grants

To the City of Asheville: $20,000 matching funding for North RADTIP; $7,000 for “Close the GAP”; $15,000 for the Swannanoa Greenway Study

To Buncombe County, Buncombe County Recreation Services: $20,000 for Rt. 191 / Bent Creek I-26 Corridor Study Plan to relieve $100,000 in federal and state matching funds. READ MORE

To Black Mountain: $2,000 for greenway development

To Woodfin: $1,000 to secure a bond, $5,000 for “Catch the Wave”

Other Grants to “Hominy Valley Safe Routes to Schools”; Connect Enka; Reems Creek; Friends of Hominy Creek

Organized Greenway Partners, comprised of greenway and biking support organizations. Among other activities, this group sponsored a County Commissioner candidate forum in 2018

Made “Why Greenways” presentations to interested organizations and participated in numerous community events to educate and engage the public about greenways in Buncombe County

A Letter from the President

Dear Friends of Greenways,

I am so proud to be part of Connect Buncombe and helping to make greenways happen in Buncombe County.

Greenways have always been an important part of my life. I grew up on Long Island and found so much joy and freedom as a kid being able to ride my bike along the Ellen Farrant Memorial Bikeway to get from my house to Jones Beach. I spent most of my adult life in Cincinnati and one of our favorite family activities was to ride on the Loveland Bike Trail. Our kids started there in Burley bike trailers and eventually learned the joy of riding their own bikes. In retirement, my parents moved to Venice, Florida and one of the happiest memories I have of my dad is cycling with him on the Legacy Bike Trail.

To paraphrase Cassius Cash, Superintendent of Great Smoky Mountain National Park, “When I go out on a trail, I simply come back happier.” That is how I feel about greenways. I think it comes from getting outside, getting some exercise and seeing a diverse range of people from my community enjoying those same things. This is why I want to see a greenway network that is accessible to all in Buncombe County and connects us to other counties in our region. I truly believe that greenways make for a happier and healthier county so I hope you will join us to help make greenways happen in Buncombe County.

Allison Glackin
President, Connect Buncombe

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