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Reems Creek Weaverville GreenwayConnect Reems Creek is a community based volunteer organization committed to connecting the Reems Creek Valley to the French Broad River with a greenway. We are small grassroots group based out of Weaverville, NC with a mission to educate, advocate, and raise money for the Reems Creek Greenway.

The idea for a greenway that connected the Reems Creek Valley to the French Broad River was first envisioned in the Buncombe County Greenways and Trails Master Plan dated August 2012. The mission of this document was to create priority corridors,” to support and promote the development of an environmentally friendly system of connected trails and greenways to improve health, alternative travel, economic development, and recreation in coordination with towns, cities, communities, businesses, non-profit organizations and adjacent counties.” The Reems Creek Valley from Beech Community Club through Weaverville and terminating at the French Broad River was considered one of the priority corridor.

In June 2014 a feasibility study was completed on a 2.25-mile section of the Reems Creek Greenway from Karpen Field to immediately west of US 23. Then in late 2016 Buncombe County Parks and Recreation staff lead by Josh O’Connor and Karla Furnari with tireless support from Connect Reems Creek volunteers was able to secure a $600,000 grant through the French Broad Metropolitan Planning Organization (FBMPO) for the design and engineering of the 2.25-mile section of Reems Creek Greenway from Karpen Field to west of US 23.

Of this $600,000 grant amount, 20% ($120,000) must come as matching funds. Currently Buncombe County Parks and Recreation is committed to the match. However, Connect Reems Creek is committed to help raise additional money through local events, sticker sales, crowd funding and traditional fundraising to offset the match amount required.

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