Striving Beyond

This year, the 27th annual Strive Not To Drive campaign expanded to include over 25 events in 4 counties during the month of May. The focus of Strive (as it was recently rebranded) is to celebrate, promote and use the variety of transportation options that exist today and also to think about what options we want to create and improve for the future. The new name is a refreshing change and focuses in a more positive way on our existing transportation options and how we can make them better.

Ritchie Rozzelle, who works for the Land of Sky Regional Council, is the Regional Director of Strive. He partnered with many individuals and  organizations throughout the region to plan, host and sponsor this year’s events which included a personal challenge, organized bike rides, bike skills workshops, greenway walks, movie nights, social gatherings and more. There were also various educational opportunities to learn about and ride the bus, or to take a tour with local officials to learn about current challenges.

A Strive Beyond Summit was also held at Sierra Nevada Brewing on May 18 that drew about 75 people and featured a variety of experts and business leaders organized into two panels to discuss: (1) how we can produce and drive more business and customer growth, and also grow the emerging sector of bicycle and trail tourism;  and (2) what our future set of transportation options might look like and how people might share mobility options more in the future. The event inspired the many attendees with infectious enthusiasm and new ideas.

Learn more here  or check out the  2018 Summit Photos

Submitted by Linda Giltz, Vice President

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