Community Greenway Walks

Join us to discover the greenways of Buncombe County in YOUR neighborhood.  Walk for 1-2 hours with a member of the Connect Buncombe board of directors on the following dates! Well-behaved children and dogs welcome! Please RSVP in advance so that we know how many folks to expect.
1. 9/9/17 9AM – Start at the greenway in front of New Belgium Brewery at the intersection with Craven St. and walk along the paved and dirt path to the French Broad River Park circle and restrooms, then return.
2. 10/14/17 9AM – Start at Luella’s on Merrion Ave. and walk the Glens Creek Greenway and the Reed Creek Greenway to Magnolia Ave., then return.
3. 12/2/17 9AM – Start at Carrier Park and walk along the French Broad River greenway to Hominy Creek River Park, Hominy Creek Road to Shelburne Road, Shelburne Road to the Hominy Creek trail and the trail to Sand Hill Road, then return.
4. 1/13/18 9AM – Start at Memorial Field and walk the future Beaucatcher Mountain Greenway to Helen’s Bridge and back.
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